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A ABIN é o órgão central do Sistema Brasileiro de Inteligência - SISBIN, que tem, a seu cargo, planejar, executar, coordenar, supervisionar e controlar a atividade de Inteligência do País, cumprindo a política e as diretrizes traçadas nos termos da Lei que cria a Agência.

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CEPESC – Research and Development Center for the Security of Communication – was created on May 19, 1982, to remedy the flagrant Brazilian deficit in the safekeeking of secrecy of official transmissions. The country used to import cryptographic devices as “black boxes” – based on codes and figures – which were used to protect its most sensitive diplomatic, commercial, and military communication. Governmental agencies did not have the capacity to even evaluate the quality of the devices bought.

In 1975, by demand of the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of External Relations (MRE) and the then active National Information Service (SNI) initiated research projects in the field of cryptography, project which gave origin to CEPESC.

Among the competencies established by the by-laws of the Center are the promotion of scientific and technological research applied to projects related to the security of communications and the transference of the technology developed, considering the strategic interests involved. As integrating part of the structure of the Department of Technology of Abin – Brazilian Intelligence Agency, it is also within the competency of CEPESC to advise leaders of the Brazilian State in policies and actions that included the utilization of cryptographic resources.

CEPESC has already developed and produced a complete first line of security devices for communication to support governmental agencies, considered priority users. The Center, according to necessity and availability of clients, makes an effort to develop new products, as a way to respond to the fantastic speed of evolution of microelectronics and information and avoid obsolescence.

The workforce of CEPESC is composed by researchers, technologists, and qualified technicians, recruited in universities and in the labor market, who then receive training in their activities. Nowadays, there are studies underway for the development of agreements with universities and research institutions, public and private, national and international, with the objective of following the state of the art in technology of interest to the Brazilian State.

Besides providing cryptographic equipment and security systems to several governmental agencies, CEPESC also participates in the National Program for the Protection of Knowledge (PNPC) of Abin, in the Information Security Management Committee (CGSI), in the Amazon Protection System (SIPAM) and the Amazon Surveillance System (SIVAM), in remote sensing projects work groups and in the elaboration of specifications for the infrastructure of public keys system for the country.

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